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Feeling overwhelmed by cloud security?

Cloud infrastructure brings other challenges and risks than your on-premise infrastructure. We support you in securing your cloud environment.

Cloud security is complex, but there’s a way to manage the complexity.

We help you do that with four cloud services, focused on data security, application and runtime security, vulnerability, identity and access management.

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

Cloud-native security combining SD-WAN and SSE (Security Service Edge solutions)

  • Provide employees, partners and contractors secure remote access to applications, data, tools and other resources and monitor their behavior.
  • Jarviss offers consolidated best-in-class security with leading cloud native SASE platforms.

Cloud visibility

Discover cloud assets, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

  • Detect anomalies that indicate risk and provide real-time cloud activity insights.
  • Jarviss sets up processes to create visibility into cloud security challenges.

SaaS security (Software as a Service)

Protect sensitive SaaS data, and keep your business applications under control.

  • Deploy security controls to avoid the uncontrolled spread of SaaS applications.
  • Jarviss deploys controls, creates visibility, and protects your SaaS applications.

Cloud workload protection

Secure workloads running with your cloud provider to fight off cyber attacks.

  • Keep applications and data safe by preventing unauthorized access.
  • Maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Top 5 security risks for your cloud environment.

  1. Risk introduced early in app development.
  2. Workload images with malware.
  3. Vulnerable web applications and APIs
  4. Unrestricted network access for workloads.
  5. Downtime due to misconfiguration.

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