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Date August 29, 2024 11:30 am
Location Wintercircus Ghent

A new era of technology needs a new CONTXT

We went to countless tech conferences, were inspired by even more speakers, made hundreds of new connections. Still, we always left feeling like we had only heard a fragment of what’s happening in the IT and AV landscape, and typically from vendors.

CONTXT is a new kind of event, covering the stories you don’t usually hear. This isn’t just another event with a line-up of speakers— it’s customers sharing stories for customers to make the intangible landscape of tech tangible, mixed with original ways of inspiring and networking.

A blend of experts gives context to new technologies

This event, hosted in the vibrant city of Ghent, is the brainchild of three pioneering businesses: Jarviss, Agisko, and Whitemilk.

Each partner brings a unique blend of expertise and passion for technology, combining infrastructure, security, resilience, and creative storytelling into a comprehensive showcase of technology’s latest advancements and future possibilities

Why CONTXT- What’s in a name

CONTXT creates common ground, a shared context to connect partners and vendors, technology and customers, the present and the future of tech.

How? In short breakout sessions, you’re invited to listen in on engaging and compelling customer stories and industry insights to offer a deeper understanding of real-world challenges and solutions.

Wintercircus, Ghent

CONTXT welcomes you to the beautiful Wintercircus, originally constructed in 1885 as a venue for circus performances. Since then, it has undergone great transformations, serving both as a car workshop and a vintage car depot. Today, it’s used for a variety of events, including CONTXT in August.