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Armis, asset visibility, test drive, technical workshop

Event details

Date June 6, 2024 11:00 am
Location Jarviss Wommelgem Uilenbaan 82, 2160-Wommelgem

Do you know what devices are connected to your network, managed or unmanaged? How do you know if they are secure? With Armis, you can get real-time visibility and control over every agency asset connected to your network.

The Armis Platform’s Complete Asset Visibility Unlocks Valuable Insights Previously Hidden in Your Connected Assets

Reserve a spot for a testdrive on the Armis platform!

During the test drive, you will get Hands-on experience in the Armis platform demonstrating the ease of use, simplicity, and business value for your company:

  • Managing and tracking a complete asset inventory
  • Analyzing asset health and security gaps
  • Building policies and running them retroactively
  • Finding specific device(s) or activities with no instructions given.
  • And many more valuable insights into the platform

What to expect?

● 4 hour technical workshop

● No-cost, hands on workshop

● Lunch included


This event will take place in our office in Antwerp: Uilenbaan 82, 2160 — Wommelgem

Event Location

Uilenbaan 82, 2160 — Wommelgem

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