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To fuel our growth we want to invest in young ambitious talent for sales and technical roles. We are currently on the lookout to add a Junior account manager and a Junior consultant to the Jarviss team. We are looking for people that are eager to grow, to contribute and to excel. If working in a high tech IT environment, being part of a team, and “work hard play hard” are values that suit you, then give us a shout!

What we offer

You will be part of a scale-up and we give you the opportunity to use your enthusiasm and fresh ideas to contribute to the growth of the company and help us provide an excellent customer service. More importantly, you will get the opportunity to grow on a personal and professional level together with the company and the team. The Jarviss team is convinced that people make the difference and that our team is our greatest asset.

We provide coaching and training on technical and commercial levels by seasoned network and cybersecurity professionals. Jarviss provides a full remuneration package including a competitive salary (fix and variable), a company car and an extensive package of benefits. Trust is a key value at Jarviss. You will be measured on quality and outcome rather then on quantity and we trust in you to do what is right for the team and the customer.

If you want to know more about our vacancies, check out our Jobs site or send your resume to

About Jarviss

Jarviss believes that a disruption of the digital world would have a critical and possibly very personal impact on our lives. He believes this impact would not only be limited to business processes but would disrupt our environment and security, having a direct impact on everything and everyone we love.
Evolutions such as artificial intelligence, IoT, Cloud, blockchain, automation and many others are pushing the digital revolution forward with ever-increasing speed and complexity. It is becoming clear that the continuity of businesses, organizations and, in fact, our entire society is becoming 100% dependent on the underlying technological infrastructure and network security.
With a passion and focus on best of breed technology, tailor made pay as you use services, a personal approach and local direct touch, Jarviss supports you as a key customer in building, securing and maintaining society critical infrastructures.

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About Jarviss

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