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Be confident that your network and cybersecurity strategy actually works

Our experts design, build, support and manage your infrastructure security, so you never have to question yourself: Is my business resilient towards threats?

Cybersecurity is extremely complex. You don’t have to deal with it on your own.

Finding focus to get your security priorities and investments right are time-consuming and difficult. Where do you start? How do you prove that you’re doing the right thing? Feel the relief as we take the weight of security concerns off your shoulders.

Get in front of incidents, respond faster and minimize impact.

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Beat the IT skill shortage

Trust Jarviss’ seasoned experts to design, secure and manage your critical infrastructure.

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Optimize existing investments

Rather than fully replacing your current setup, we optimize, connect, and add the right security controls to keep you safe.

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Reduce workload with automation

Let go of complicated processes, and coordinate and automate actions across your product stack and teams.

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Do more with artificial intelligence

AI systems quickly analyze and correlate huge volumes of data, making them ideal for optimizing your cybersecurity tech stack.

Sure, we care about business, but we also care about you

Your certainty is our success. Our goal is for you to feel absolutely confident that you’ve done everything to keep your business safe.

Jarviss is a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants.

Proven approach to cybersecurity, using automation built on AI and ML.

Highest certifications with all our vendors and preferred partners.

Meet our Benelux customers.

Build resilience to manage incidents and avoid breaches with our Managed Services

Managed Operations

Let’s unburden you from any infrastructure and operational management. We take full responsibility for all elements of your digital infrastructure.

Managed XDR

Features the best security automation and orchestration platform with analytics, AI/ML, and 3rd party APIs for automated incident handling and responses.

Managed Automation

Avoid an overload of alerts, data, different products, and manual, repetitive processes. Automation empowers ops teams to be free from complex workflows.

From doubt and overwhelm to absolute confidence.

You speak, we listen. Then we switch. And finally we propose a solution that is tailored to your digital strategy.

  1. Share your concerns and challenges.
  2. We design a solution and action plan.
  3. We implement the solution, step by
    step, matching your timeline.
  4. We support and manage your infrastructure; you focus on business.

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