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At Jarviss our core values are engagement and partnerships. These values extend beyond doing business. We are passionate about making sure companies have a secure digital environment. We make sure cybersecurity concerns don’t keep you awake at night. We want to translate this for the action of de Warmste Week

This year, “De Warmste Week” is all about children growing up without worrying. With the cozy holiday season approaching, lots of parties, delicious food, presents, twinkling lights, and a cheerful atmosphere.

But not everyone feels cheerful during this time of the year. For some kids, this season is tough, because they might not have a place, they can truly call home or where there are worries about: food, the absence of presents, not being able to celebrate with family, the loss of a loved one, living in an unsafe home situation,  etc.

We strongly believe that every child deserves a safe and secure environment to play, explore, and just be a kid without any worries. So that they can sleep at night, free from any concerns. This is important for kids to discover and develop their talents. We think this is a beautiful initiative. It is a collective effort with everyone participating to bring light to these dark days, and we want to be part of that.

That is why we are inviting you to join us for a drink on Thursday 14 December at the Christmas market in Ghent (Emile Braunplein). Where you can make a voluntary contribution, on the spot or in advance. All contributions will go 100% to de Warmste Week.

This event is not about leads or business opportunities, but rather about socializing and giving back.

We hope to see you there!

The Jarviss team

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