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It was announced today that HPE is acquiring Juniper Networks. We refer to the following article: HPE to acquire Juniper Mist

What are the concrete facts known today

  • HPE acquires Juniper Networks 100%
  • The main driver for the acquisition is the technology lead Juniper Networks has in AI driven network technology (=MIST).
  • The acquisition was announced today, but will only be effectively completed by the end of this year after approval from the necessary government and ruling authorities.
  • Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper networks and veteran in the engineering team of Juniper Networks, will lead the entire HPE networking business directly under the CEO of HPE
  • There is great complementarity between the two companies in regard to portfolio, market position and customer type

It will take some time before further details of this transaction will be announced but we are happy to share our view on the subject:

  • The fact that HPE is buying Juniper mainly because of its MIST AI platform confirms that Juniper has the right vision and technology regarding networking in the enterprise market.
  • Also in data centers with the EVPN-VXLAN technology, Juniper has an edge that offers a great added value in the total HPE portfolio.
  • Rami Rahim is a longtime Juniper ambassador; the fact that he will lead the networking business within HPE gives us confidence that we are going to see even more and faster development within the Juniper Networks range
  • Jarviss has experience with both the HPE Aruba pre and post sales channel and the Juniper Networks pre and post sales channel. We see a similar culture and way of working at both companies which gives us confidence that also in the way of working towards sales, projects and support little will change.

We have confidence in this acquisition and see this as a positive evolution where we have high expectations in the further development of the Juniper Mist platform.

We will keep you informed as further details are known. Should you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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