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Jarviss Launches EOS: Eyes On Screen

Many Detection and Response tools are complex to manage, only see the context within their own limited scope (i.e. endpoint, identity or network) and require expert knowledge to determine when something is a real threat or just one of many false positives.

With threats becoming more complex, more numerous, the need to respond quickly and accurately has never been as important as today. It is essential to:

  • Have highly accurate detection
  • Understand the context around incidents.
  • Be able to respond quickly and accurately.

A trend we see in Belgium is that a lot of enterprises are looking at CSIRTs to assist them with incidents, which of course seem like a logical step to take. However, a CSIRT typically only gets involved in major incidents, and doesn’t serve a sanity check for each alert generated by our Managed XDR.

Jarviss EOS fills this gap between SOC and CSIRT by reducing the burden on local understaffed IT teams to triage, prioritize and analyze incidents and pro-actively engage with the customer when suspicious or malicious activity is detected.

Remember, the core idea is to prevent a major incident by correctly analyzing alerts, providing actionable intelligence to the customer, and automating the tools and processes to take mitigation actions with a single click – whether that is disabling a compromised user account, disconnecting machines from the network, quarantining suspicious threat and so on.

By having the Jarviss SOC team monitor alerts, investigate and directly interacting with the customer’s IT team to bring in business context, Jarviss EOS goes beyond what any MXDR Service provider currently delivers – actionable alerts with automated holistic responses.

Additionally, EOS customers will benefit from more detailed recurrent reporting meetings, with the actual SOC analysts – allowing for closer communication and providing guidance (lessons learned) on improvements to be made within the customer infrastructure.

“Jarviss EOS is an 8×5 Add-on service for existing Jarviss MXDR customers, that leverages highly contextualized alerts, analyzed in real-time by the Jarviss SOC analysts and allows the customer to make informed and automated responses holistically in his environment.


If you are interested in learning more about our Managed XDR service:  Send us an email at or give us a call at +31 20 764 0807.