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We believe that automation can overcome many challenges that network & security teams face today. Last summer we started implementing Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR as a network & security automation & orchestration tool,  and have become a true believer of these type of solutions.

The way we are able to program, scripts. Thus automate without having to write code or understanding complex programming languages is just staggering. Cortex XSOAR offers +700 integrations out of the box but even if you need new integrations, not standard available, the Java & Phyton scripting possibilities are extensively available and XSOAR uses programming interpretation tools to facilitate quick and easy programming.

By automating typical questions to IT teams. We can make XSOAR a gamechanger for IT teams that are overbooked and overloaded. Simple questions like for instance: What is happening for a certain application on the firewall (packet drop, communication flows, …) ? These are playbooks that are easy to build and that can create huge immediate return.

XSOAR is also the center engine of the Jarviss Managed XDR service. We use XSOAR to automatically correlate & enrich cybersecurity incident data with context so we can react faster and more efficient,  to the point when a problem occurs and the customer needs actionable intelligence.

Author: Xanti  Hermo