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Jarviss is Celebrating its Birthday, and We Take Great Pride in That

What started as a modest adventure with four men has since grown into a full-fledged expedition with over twenty like-minded people. Our team now consists of consultants, project & service managers, marketeers, developers, architects, CISO’s and sales experts. All sharing the same values: assisting customers around data networking and cybersecurity by building trusting relationships and delivering high-quality solutions and services. All of this is done with the necessary passion, conviction and enjoyment.

Jarviss began in a small office, but we have moved several times since. Moreover, not only have we relocated twice in Lochristi, but we have also opened an office in West-Malle. There may even be a 3rd office soon….

What started as a modest adventure with a somewhat foggy navigation map and timing has grown into an expedition with a clear destination, roadmap, speeds and means of transport.


Powering Vision: AI and Automation

The two primary engines in our vision and strategy are Artificial Intelligence and Automation.
We firmly believe that the amount of data and speed of evolution can only be controlled by artificially intelligent systems. Because AI is capable of recognizing patterns and making rapid, accurate decisions to ensure the security and stability of your infrastructure and data. Automation is essential in overcoming the scarcity of human knowledge and preventing burnout from boring repetitive tasks.

AI & automation are the major evolutions in data networking & cybersecurity and will have a huge influence in our approach to these domains. Guided by this conviction, among others, we have outlined our Cybersecurity strategy: smart AI prevention & detection systems in the base layer, and above an automated SOC. Behold, the definition of our Managed XDR service.


Transitioning from start-up to scale-up

Jarviss has experienced growth in recent years due to the trust we’ve earned from our customers. Our customers today spans in various sectors and orders of magnitude. From university hospitals to medium-sized rehabilitation centers, from medium-sized financial institutions to federal governments. From medium-sized service companies to international manufacturing companies. We can proudly state that we have contributed to network & cybersecurity strategies in diverse environments. As we’ve learned from them, they’ve learned from us, and these experiences drive us to further develop innovative solutions and customer-friendly services.

After three years we no longer speak of startup but of scale up. The upcoming years promise to be intensive and distinctive. We plan accelerated and intensified investments in our service offerings, go-to-market strategies & internal professionalization. Even a cross-border adventure is written in the stars. Most importantly, we are committed to continuing to invest in our relationships of trust with our customers, colleagues and partners. We hope to perpetuate, or win, your trust and continue to write the Jarviss success story together.


If you want to know more about Jarviss and how we can help you enhance your cybersecurity strategy, feel free to reach out. Send us an email at or give us a call at +31 20 764 0807.


Author: Jo Vander Schueren