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Jarviss is proud to announce its expansion into the Netherlands, appointing Sander Groot as Managing Director. This move underscores Jarviss’s commitment to delivering top-tier cybersecurity and networking solutions across the BeNeLux.

Spearheading this expansion is Sander Groot, former Senior Director for EMEA & LATAM Channels at Juniper Networks and now newly appointed as Managing Director for Jarviss Netherlands.  Sander brings a wealth of experience in growing and managing teams in an international setting, a broad network in the cybersecurity and networking channel and a deep understanding of the local market. His leadership is expected to drive Jarviss’s mission to provide tailored and effective solutions to Dutch businesses.

A Fast, scalable and automated solution

With evolutions such as industry 4.0, cloud and all kinds of workflow digitizations, organizations are becoming even more dependent on their digital platforms. However, the scarcity of knowledge and resources makes this challenge even greater. Due to evolutions in  AI, IoT, and cloud technologies, organizations are highly dependent on the underlying network and its security. Jarviss’s vision and strategy is built on AI and automation through which we address various challenges within the cyber and networking space, such as high workloads, skill shortage and cyber threats in general.

We differentiate ourselves through our unique service model and the way we collaborate with customers. As a local company, we offer dedicated solutions tailored to the middle market. We believe in building trust by investing in long-term personal relationships with customers, employees and partners.

With a focus on leading technologies from Palo Alto Networks, Silverfort, SentinelOne, Armis, Juniper Networks and Vectra AI, we will continue to build on our passion for technology, bringing the highest expertise to customers in the Benelux.

Not only do we excel in technology knowledge and expertise, but we also bring a unique and differentiating automated SOC service for detection and response leveraging AI and Automation technology for the Benelux mid market.

“Our expansion into the Netherlands reflects our dedication to empowering businesses with cutting-edge cybersecurity and networking solutions,” said the founders of Jarviss. “We aim to build resilient infrastructures that can withstand any cyber threats. We deliver services with a personal touch and unseen commitment to quality across the Benelux.”

Expansion into the Netherlands

After the Belgian market, we are ready to conquer the Dutch market in the coming months and years. For this we are counting on the experience of Sander Groot as Managing Director. He will initially build and continue a team that has been successfully established in Belgium in recent years. In the next two years he will have to ensure that the Dutch branch of Jarviss is profitable and can run autonomously.

At a later stage, Jarviss plans to explore more international markets. We chose to start in the Netherlands because we already have knowledge of that market. Before we decide to launch in another country, we want to make sure we can find the right people. With Sander’s experience, that’s already not a problem in the Netherlands. In the coming years we will certainly add other markets, but first our focus is entirely on the Netherlands and we want to make sure that Jarviss can become a strong player there.


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